Food Waste Activities

We can condense practically any product that our clients require through our own food processing center.

Our organization is doing its share by encouraging farmers, businesses, organizations, and consumers to prioritize food waste prevention. This goal is supported by our internal training initiatives, which vary from boosting market and distributional efficiencies to informing our neighbors about secure food storage and product innovation.


Unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial dreams with Dasco Foods’ revolutionary products and services. Join an industry that never stops evolving and be at the forefront of innovation. Our enhanced and revamped business packages are tailor-made to ignite your brand and drive it to new heights.

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License To Export​

We comprehended market demands and the significance of Philippine Food Products in international nations. As a result, we started exporting organic coffee, cacao, tropical fruits, and grains.

LTO as Food Repacker

We have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the food packaging sector in this short amount of time. We wish to provide you with high-quality, cost effective solutions that will satisfy all of your product requirements. 

LTO as Food Manufacturer

We are a company that turns food waste into hot meal solutions. Our devotion to quality control standards and selection of the highest grade raw materials represents high quality commodities.

100% Organic

Fresh & Healthy

Dasco organic rice is directly sourced from our Cordilleran Rice Farmers and Cooperatives partners.

About us

Crafting Digital Experiences in Food Sector


Our mission at Dasco Foods is to provide cutting-edge products and services in food packaging, food export, food processing, and training programs to support our esteemed brands, Das.Co (Cafe & Roastery) and Da.Scoop (Wholefoods by the Scoop). 

We are committed to delivering superior packaging solutions that ensure the safety, freshness, and visual appeal of food products. With a global mindset, we aim to expand our food exports, bridging the gap between cultures and bringing diverse culinary experiences to consumers worldwide.

Our dedicated food processing techniques prioritize quality, efficiency, and sustainability, promoting nutritious and flavorful offerings.

Through our comprehensive training programs, we empower individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the food industry, fostering growth, professionalism, and innovation.

We strive to be industry leaders, driving positive change and setting new standards of excellence in the ever-evolving world of food packaging, export, processing, and training.


At Dasco Foods, our vision is to revolutionize the food industry by delivering exceptional packaging solutions, expanding global food exports, implementing innovative food processing techniques, and providing comprehensive training programs.

Through our new brands, Das.Co and Da.Scoop, we strive to become the epitome of excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in the food packaging, export, processing, and training sectors



We value candor and openness, and we make sure that moral standards are always followed. We continually uphold trustworthy business practices with our stakeholders and communicate this to our team members internally.


We demonstrate collaboration and build enduring relationships with our partners. We see every player in the industry, including farmer rights, supplier rights, and customer rights, as the cornerstone of our business.


In order to keep our promises to our cherished farmers, customers, and suppliers, we make every effort to uphold the highest standards. We make sure to take full responsibility for the consumer’s faith and trust in us.


We are proud to assist over 100 farmers that are dedicated to ethical and responsible farming. Utilizing eco-friendly materials, reducing packaging, and encouraging social entrepreneurship are some examples of this.


Our business platform enables all farmers in a community to pool their resources in order to get a higher price for their commodities, which is advantageous for small scale farmers. 


In order to combat undernourishment and improve food security, crop yields must be increased. We assist our food producers to be knowledgeable about crop management, planting, growing, and harvesting techniques in addition to having access to the proper high-quality seeds.


Each Philippine region has its own unique characteristics and needs. We will implement specialized food solutions strategies that satisfy the needs of specific geographies.


Using our automatic packaging equipment and food facility centers, we will continue to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods to boost the output of our raw materials while reducing waste. We will provide creative approaches for converting commonplace “food scraps” into useful outcomes.


Our method begins with generated raw materials. These goods can be unloaded at our distribution centers before being purchased by customers at markets and grocery stores. Prior to being consumed by folks who could have purchased comparable meals grown considerably closer to home, food may travel quite a distance during this procedure.


On a small scale, rural level, agroforestry, organic farming, and permaculture are more useful and sustainable farming methods. All of these methods must be taught to our farmers, and they must have access to the tools required to implement them.


At Dasco Foods, we are dedicated to our Company Advocacy: Empowering Sustainable Food Solutions.

We believe that our actions today shape the future of our planet and its inhabitants. With this in mind, we are committed to providing sustainable food solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, communities, and individuals.

Our advocacy begins with responsible sourcing. We strive to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. By prioritizing ingredients that are sourced responsibly, we contribute to the preservation of natural resources and support fair trade practices that empower local farmers and communities.

Innovation is at the heart of our advocacy. We constantly seek out innovative technologies and processes that minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and promote eco-friendly packaging solutions. Through continuous research and development, we aim to create products and services that align with the principles of sustainability, without compromising on quality or taste.

Education plays a crucial role in our advocacy. We believe in empowering individuals with knowledge and skills that promote sustainable practices in the food industry. Through our training programs and partnerships, we strive to educate and inspire professionals and consumers alike to make conscious choices that benefit both their well-being and the environment.

Community engagement is a vital aspect of our advocacy. We actively participate in initiatives that support local communities, fostering partnerships that create shared value. By collaborating with organizations dedicated to hunger relief, food security, and social welfare, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental to our advocacy. We are committed to providing clear and accurate information about our products, processes, and initiatives. By being transparent, we enable consumers to make informed decisions and hold us accountable for our actions and their impact.

Ultimately, our Company Advocacy of Empowering Sustainable Food Solutions drives us to make a lasting positive impact on the world. We invite everyone to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and equitable future, where food nourishes both the body and the planet.

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Our goal is to offer state-of-the-art products and services encompassing food packaging, food export, food processing, and training programs to support your esteemed brands. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing unmatched packaging solutions that ensure the utmost safety, freshness, and visual appeal of food products. 

With a global perspective, we are determined to broaden our food exports, connecting diverse cultures and delivering unique culinary experiences to consumers around the globe. Our unwavering dedication to food processing techniques places an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and sustainability, resulting in nutritious and delicious offerings.

Through our comprehensive training programs, we empower individuals to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the food industry, nurturing growth, professionalism, and innovation. We aspire to be at the forefront of our industry, leading positive transformation and establishing new benchmarks of excellence in the ever-evolving realms of food packaging, export, processing, and training.