From crop

to cup is a cafe and roastery startup based in the City of Pines. We ethically source our local green coffee beans from the mountains of the Cordillera Region with the intention of bringing out the best of Philippine coffee.

Bridging the gap
in the coffee industry between producers
and consumers.

The Cordillera Mountain Range is one of the best mountain ranges in the Philippines for growing arabica coffee beans. However, competition in the coffee industry continues to rise, particularly at the farm level. We intend to address the issue holistically, incorporating all parties engaged in the coffee value chain.

Locally Sourced

Premium quality coffee beans

Fresh Picking

Traded in an ethical manner


How we became the company that fosters style for the urban coffee community.​

Our company was established to sell Philippine Arabica coffee beans in order to build something we are proud of and enthusiastic about, as well as to improve the sustainability of the coffee value chain across the nation. 

We utilized the brand name when we first started our own coffee company to create distinct lines and divisions between our food goods and services, café, and roastery. Every element was carefully considered, including the development and design of our own homepage, packaging, and branding. 

As a result, in addition to supplying coffee beans to SMEs and companies, we also started roasting coffee and offering coffee subscriptions to consumers. With the help of our LGUs, our network grows, enhancing traceability and sustainability.

Aside from growing and procuring coffee beans,
our goal is to improve the sustainability of coffee businesses across the country.

We’re working hard to bring Philippine Arabica coffee beans to the rest of the world. For now, we’re only offering coffee subscriptions to a limited number of clients nationwide. Shipping for the free trial is only available to our caffeinated friends in the Philippines. Stay tuned for our global launch!

Dasco Food Processing and Training Programs

Master Barista

Our 2-Day Master Barista Program is the most comprehensive and challenging barista training Dasco Foods has to offer.

It is perfect for anyone aiming to advance their careers in the coffee industry as well as for potential or present cafe owners who are interested in learning more about the art of the barista.

This course does not require any prior knowledge of coffee because we will teach you everything from scratch.

With the knowledge you will get from this two-day barista course, you can enter the coffee industry with confidence, knowing that you have the know-how to make delicious coffee and solve any issues that may arise.

Elevating coffee culture in the City of Pines—where every sip is a journey and every cup tells a story. ☕🌲

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